CIFEJ Board Meeting in Istanbul

CIFEJ Board Meeting in Istanbul

CIFEJ Board Meeting in Istanbul

Dear Maryam, Dear All,

Back home after an efficient CIFEJ B of D Meeting, I would like to thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding for CIFEJ New Era. CIFEJ is one of the most important children organizations (existing for more than 50 years).

The positive attitude shared by B of D Members at that face to face talking in Istanbul helped us to achieve our Agenda and to put CIFEJ on the RIGHT TRACK.

I am confident that the UNESCO will get back soon to us and encourage our effort on making the future of our New Generations Knowledgeable, Creative and Peaceful. CIFEJ has always promoted good Human Values, the Respect for differences of Cultures and Religions, free of racism and without prejudice.

I would like to thank especially Mohsen for Hosting CIFEJ HQ and financing its operation. I also like to thank Maryam for her great work. God Bless you and Bless CIFEJ.



 Samir Nasr/ Canadian member of the Board of CIFEJ

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