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 Date:   March 15, 2010

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal Details

 (Ms/ Mr) Family Name         CACKO              Given Name        PETER  

Date of Birth (optional): (day / Month/ year) / / / /

Full Address:      Panská 41 815 39 Bratislava, Slovakia

Postcode: 811 03       Country: Slovakia

E-mail:            Tel:   0042 1 5443 13 14

Fax: (00 42 1) 5443 13 14      

Education: University, Philosophical Faculty

Any previous experience in the field: Director of Bibiana, International House of Art forchildren, Festival Director Biennial of Animation Bratislava                   

Project Title:    FOCUS ON CHILDREN: VISEGRAD COUNTRIES AND                                               THEIR FRIENDS from AROUND THE WORLD

Brief Explanation of the project:

Visegrad countries represent four countries, as called V4, which are NEW in EU.

Though their production for children has a long lasting tradition, in comparison with well developed film and TV production of other European countries and also overseas countries, with a various sources of support-they´ve started again, let´s say from Zero point.                           

Their situation is difficult: focus on Children is much more difficult than in other genres or media production.

Xth edition of the Biennial of Animation Bratislava/BAB (12–16.10.2010) offers a floor for a Seminar (13-14.10) and a Workshop (15.10.) of professionals, under auspices of CIFEJ. We expect representatives from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia/Visegrad countries/, Balkan countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia.

Their friends from around the world – from France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Iran.

Discussion, Case studies, screenings, workshops would be a great interactive floor offered for all generations of filmmakers both animation and drama. We expect to integrate young generation–directors, authors, new producers. Students from Film faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava will act as assistants at workshops.

Connection is clear: focus on Children.

Purpose of the project: Why do you think this project is important?

The project opens a unique possibility for cooperation of different cultures: NEW EUROPEAN COUNTRIES with old traditions /VISEGRAD/, BALKAN COUNTRIES, EUROPEAN and OVERSEAS /Non European countries/:  creating space for exchanging experience in production, mutual understanding, new communication channels and high quality content. The aim is to support the importance of production, which is on the edge of attention: focus on children.

Relationship of the project with the statutes and CIFEJ activities:

 Project is closely connected with all aims and statutes of CIFEJ:

Supporting the high quality production for children, media and media literacy for and with children, international cooperation and development in countries, where production for children have serious problems. 

Analysis of similar projects already done, if any (Pls. give detailed information):

Xth edition of the Biennial of Animation Bratislava festival is a jubilee edition. It is the only non- commercial festival in the world which is focused on Animation for children and its problems, closely connected with the high quality films /connection to Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava with 27th editions.

The IXth edition of BAB in 2008 opened a new floor for animation workshops and meeting of professionals, with the aim to develop this floor and organize in future the competition of animated films made by children, which would be a new territory for Kids for Kids

 Which kind of support do you expect that CIFEJ offers you?

☺ CIFEJ to be responsible for the execution

☺ CIFEJ to accept total funding of the project

☺ CIFEJ to accept paying for part of the expenses - CIFEJ would pay just a part of expenses of part of non European guests

☺ CIFEJ only to have moral support of the project (non-financially) - we expect also a moral support, Brand mark of CIFEJ is highly appreciated

X☺ Others (Pls. specify):

In case CIFEJ accepts to support your project, what will be the benefits of this project to CIFEJ? (Pls. provide a short explanation):

CIFEJ will open a new chapter in territory and brings attention to those countries, which needs this professional support. NEW countries in EU means that the support is coming mostly from commercial side- children project, programs, films, etc. are measured from the money point only.

Educational, aesthetic, artistic projects have to be integrated into the attention of producers and media and they are connected with the quality of home production. Supporting and developing of this “inhouse” projects are also developing the identification of children with their own culture – which makes it international. CIFEJ plays the important role of the organization, which is supporting this idea and is also a tool for realizing it, crossing borders.

Budget of the project (in Euro):

Pls. provide a detailed, itemized project budgeting and a budget justification narrative that explain each line time expenses. Pls. also include additional sources of funding for the proposed project or your plan to secure complementary funding.

BAB applied for MEDIA European Grant  for October 2010 for inviting European and Non-European guests for festival, Seminar, Workshops with a detailed programme.

We expect to cover the contribution of CIFEJ budget to cover the travel expences of Non-European guests /USA, Iran, India, South Africa, Canada/ for this event.

Detailed description is available.

Project time line and task list:

Preparation activities started November 2009 – application for MEDIA grant

January – May 2010: working out the programme, structure and content of the event

Detailed time line available.

Do you think your project will be a return on investment? If yes, how much (pls. indicate the estimated amount in Euro):

The project won´t have money return, it will support the guality of the event with the presence of outstanding speakers, filmmakers, animators, inspirative people from various cultures.

CIFEJ will play a KEY ROLE in this.This will be the greatest investment and the same time return!

Full name:-------Peter Cacko------------------------ Signature ------------


1- Your proposal will be discussed at the next CIFEJ Board meeting that will be held in March 2010, and in case it is approved by the board and its fund is supplied, we will contact with you for the details of its execution.

2- Proposals will be prioritized that:

1st : to be related to the CIFEJ activities;                                                         2nd : to be new and  creative;                                                                           3rd : to inspire greater cooperation among member countries and children and young adults;

 3- A cash prize of US $ 5000 will be given to the most distinguished proposal according to the decision of the board.

 4- The proposals must have reached the CIFEJ Headquarters at the latest Feb 21st., 2010 by mail or e-mail. 


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