The CIFEJ Prize was first created in 1981 to be given to the director of the best film participating in the professional competitive section of the prestigious international children's film festivals.


Later in 2009, a new Prize was designed by Kanoon/Iran - a crystal trophy with a hand-made wooden stand together with a certificate.



Up to now, tens of high quality films have received the award and certificate at about hundred international festivals all over the world. Pls. see the list of the most recent awards in "CIFEJ Winners" section, on this website .


Why the CIFEJ Prize:

CIFEJ Prize was created considering the article 2.2.8 of the CIFEJ Statutes which states clearly one of the CIFEJ objectives is to promote and to encourage the production and dissemination of films especially designed for children or suitable for them with the following objectives: entertainment, art, information, and education.

Criteria for Awarding CIFEJ Prize @ Festivals:

Any prestigious film festival for children and young people with at least 3 years of activity can request to award the CIFEJ Prize.                              

The CIFEJ Prize is independent of other festival prizes, and can be given to one film which may have received other festival prizes, as well.

The Film

1) The CIFEJ Prize is awarded at each festival to one best film or television program for children and young people that in form and content express the following qualities:

a) The promotion and respect of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (See annex A);

b) Potential for international distribution;

c) A high standard of artistic achievement and technical competence.

2) The production date of the films participating in the Official Competition should not exceed 2 (Two) years before the date of the festival.

3) A film that has already received the CIFEJ Prize at a festival is not entitled to receive another CIFEJ Prize in the same previously awarded category at other festivals, in the same country or abroad, so the festival director is responsible to exclude the CIFEJ PRIZE winner films  from the selection process to avoid any confusion in this regard.

The Jury 

The Jury must be made up of a majority of persons foreign to the host country and should not include any person in any way connected with the production or commercial exploitation of the competitive entry.   

The Jury members should accompany their decisions on prize winner with short written commentaries, for the use of the festival organizers and the CIFEJ Headquarters. The Jury members are sworn to absolute secrecy, in public as well as in private, about Jury discussions and votes.

The CIFEJ Prize may be awarded by a Special CIFEJ Jury or by the Festival's International Jury:

1. Special CIFEJ Jury

The Special CIFEJ Jury has to consist of three CIFEJ members: one from the host country and two from other countries.

2. International Jury 

In this case, at least one member of the International Jury must be a CIFEJ member, with experience in CIFEJ work.

2-A. The CIFEJ Jury member/s will represent the organization and advocate/s the ideas of the CIFEJ Prize to the rest of the Jury members. S/he will be the one to animate the discussions concerning the CIFEJ Prize.

2-B. The CIFEJ member/s of the Jury should be chosen in consultation with the CIFEJ Headquarters and the president as this CIFEJ Jury member will represent CIFEJ.

(No need to metion that  members of CIFEJ who are invited as the members of the CIFEJ Jury must be updated in their annual dues.)

Procedure for the Festivals to Give the Prize:

  A) The CIFEJ Headquarters will handle the administration of the CIFEJ Prize.

B) A film festival willing to award a CIFEJ Prize must send the request to the Headquarters at least 2 months in advance;

C) The festival director is responsible for all contacts with the CIFEJ Headquarters. 

D) In case the festival is recognized as qualified to give the prize, an agreement will be concluded between the CIFEJ HQ and the festival. After the signature of this agreement, the festival can make the necessary arrangement to invite the Jury and make the following necessary coordination with the CIFEJ HQ to award the prize.  


Contact Address:

CIFEJ Headquarters

Contact Name: Elham Shirvani (Ms) / CIFEJ Executive Director   

E-mail: +98-21-8808 7870/Fax: +98-21-8808 5847

Postal Address: End of Seif St., Phase 3, Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran, 1466893311, Iran.


  • CIFEJ General Assembly will be held in Hyderabad, India from 10 to 14 of November 2017
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