A New Movement Initiated: The MEDIA LITERACY NETWORK


Step One

To conduct a widespread research to identify each individual festivals, schools, educational centers, creative workshops, etc. active in the field of media literacy for youth and to create a platform where each and everyone can present their work and develop collaborative work.

Step Two

To establish a network to connect all key-players on Media Literacy around the world; to organize a Media Literacy Summit for all network members to meet, exchange,  etc., and, finally, to prepare an edition of the Summit  both in printed and electronic formats and circulate it freely around the world.

Step Three

To implement a school for role-playing opportunities; this extra-curriculum school will provoke reactions where students can become teachers and teachers can learn from students.

This school would have two courses:

A-A group of youngsters with expertise in international networking, able to develop a strong link with all youth networks around the world;

B-A group of high profile professionals ready to play the interaction game directly with young people around the world

Step Four

To articulate and develop the Youth for Youth movement through ground-breaking projects; this movement invites youngsters to learn the production process, and then, they create their own media messages through films (fiction, animation, documentary), new magazines, television series, video, and Internet-based games for children and youngsters and for adult audiences, as well. One of the most successful examples is the Kids for Kids Festival, receiving approximately 650 films from 55 countries each year.

 Characteristics of the Platform Media Literacy Network

 Projects Exposition Hall:

ML Classroom:  

The Best ML Projects from Festivals:

Multiplex Cinema:

Room 1: up to 12:

Room 2: 13-16:

Room 3: 17-2:2

Room 4: Members’ Club:





KFKF Network, one of the MLN modules

If you are interested in becoming our partner in the Media Literacy Network Platform, please fill in the attached document and send it to


The main goal of the Platform will be the collection, promotion, and dissemination of the new methodologies, projects, and audiovisual tools in both traditional and new media. Everybody working in media literacy is welcome to become a member of the Platform without a membership fee, provided that each member is able to promote the Platform and give the Platform one or more creative projects. The Platform will offer the members wide online visibility, events, workshops and seminars and a long list of potential partners for international cooperation and joint projects. The Platform will offer to every member online space and editorial rights for providing information, audiovisual promotion of multimedia productions and calls for participation through easy and user-friendly online software. Opens a Media Literacy Market to trade expertise and benefit from deriving synergies. The Platform will be open to all members and visitors for online broadcasting, forums, blogging, professional and social groups and other online communication, collaboration, and tools exchange.  Provides youngsters, educators, and professionals from culturally diverse backgrounds and levels of education with access for young people to high quality educational materials on media. Introduces youngsters to media production, media history, and media literacy. Encourages youngsters to become more media-literate, using material and tools  especially developed for them. Offers inspiration and encouragement to ensure that media literacy is given higher priority in schools, colleges, and training institutes. Expands youth’s window to the world, enriching them with the wealth of other cultures, expanding their horizons and assisting them in developing a better understanding of youth and children in other countries around the world while fostering tolerance. Gives youngsters access to experimental tools to explore the innovations of the Digital Era and invites youngsters to understand, explore, and use all available tools of the Digital Era. Ignites an interest in them to develop cutting-edge skills so that they can become participants in a knowledge-based global economy. Establishes a platform for potential synergies among professionals and youngsters with common interest to profit from an open dialogue and a shared vision.

Vassilis C. Karamitsanis

Legal Representative of the Media Literacy Network

Stefan Mandic-Rajcevic

Promotional and International Relationships Officer

Website :

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