First CIFEJ International Media Conference; CIFEJ Days in China and Ukraine

First CIFEJ International Media Conference; CIFEJ Days in China and Ukraine

First CIFEJ International Media Conference; CIFEJ Days in China and Ukraine

CIFEJ Press Release

“CIFEJ Days” was held in Kharkov, Ukraine from September 22 to 28, 2013 with the close collaboration of the CIFEJ Headquarters in Tehran and the International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko” which was opened officially on September 25th.

This event was held few days after the very successful CIFEJ presence in China during the 12th China International Children's Film Festival-CICFF which was organized by the Respectful CIFEJ member ofthe board,  Dr. Hou Keming, Professor of Beijing Film Academy, Chairperson of China Children's Film Association, and President of China International Children's Film Festival [To see the picture report of the CIFEJ Animation workshop, you are invited to visit Gallery on the CIFEJ website. Other photos pictures will be added in few days, as well].

During the “CIFEJ Days” in Kharkov- the peak of success among all the programmes of CIFEJ in the new term- the First CIFEJ International Media Conference“Global Village, Children, Television and Cinemawas held.

It was programmed by the CIFEJ HQ in Tehran and co-organized by the CIFEJ HQ and “Dytiatko” TV Festival in Kharkov.

The host of the conference was National University in Kharkov named after V.N. Karazin. The participants were greeted by Sergii Chernov, the head of Kharkiv Regional Council and the President of the festival “Dytiatko  and Vil Bakirov, the rector of the university.

 The main speakers were Firdoze Bulbulia, President of CIFEJ and TV producer who was also moderator of the conference. She spoke about Film/media as a tool for social cohesion and introduced “ Cry of Love” her last TV production.

And Mohsen Chiniforoushan, the Secretary General of CIFEJ and producer of films and books for children who was the first speaker at the conference. He  emphasized on the importance of preserving cultural diversity in film and TV productions.


Another main speaker was Maryna Landa, chairman of the Jury of the International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko”, host of the programmes in Carousel channel (1 channel, worldwide web), author and host of the Radio of Russia programmes, art director of Children’s Music Theatre Veselka, composer of cartoon series Smisharyky; shenoted that it was not a right decision to concentrate programmes for children on one and the same TV channel.


“ Athina Rikaki”, Ex-President of CIFEJ and CIFEJ Jury member in Dytiatko Film Festival, spoke about the  Crisis in Europe and its  negative impacts on Children’s Film Production.


More detailed report will be published in the coming CIFEJ Info Magazine.


Filmscript workshop “From Idea to Film scriptwriting” conducted by the eminent Iranian filmmaker, “Rasoul Sadr Ameli”, and animation and documentary film workshop  conducted by the CIFEJ member of the Board “ Maikki Kantola” for  children and young adults  were among other programmes of the CIFEJ days in Kharkov.


The prize of CIFEJ  was awarded tothe film “All for one”,Television and Radio Company Sigma, programme Teenager (city of Lozova, Ukraine) and the director Daryna Liubshyna.


CIFEJ PRIZE Winner films in previous festivals held in different parts of the world: A Flame in the Wind, director: Farhad Mehranfar; Harun- Arun, director: Vinod Ganatra; Red like the Sky, director: Cristiano Bortone; Themba, A boy called Hope, director: Stefanie Sycholt;  were screened during the festival at children’s schools.

The board of CIFEJ met on September 26thand 27that the Hotel Kharkov conference room to discuss about the future of CIFEJ and its programmes. Organization of the next CIFEJ General Assembly, initiation of a CIFEJ Club specialized for Children to be familiar with the art of filmmaking suggested and followed up by the Secretary General of CIFEJ, and considering new requests for membership were among the main issues discussed.  

For more News, please visit: and read the details in the upcoming CIFEJ Info Magazine, hopefully published next month.

For picture report of the whole event, we invite you to visit the gallery on the CIFEJ website (

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