Message from the CIFEJ Secretary General

Message from the CIFEJ Secretary General


Dear friends,

Respectful members,

Congratulations to you who are the real owners of CIFEJ.

I’m glad that the GA in Warsaw was held with the presence of the majority of the  members of CIFEJ in an active intimate atmosphere and had good outcomes in spite of the complaints and illegal- and contrary to the Statutes- acts of few of the members. 

I thank all of you who tolerated the hardships of the trip and came to the GA or introduced representatives; I’m thankful to those who announced their support of us by phone, letter, or e-mail. 

I hope all of us can bring more brilliance to CIFEJ and have a more fruitful collaboration in the domain of Film for children and young people all over the world. 

In my opinion, GA 2012 has been a landmark in the history of CIFEJ; and with the new board, each one of us has assumed a heavier responsibility.

 This board of directors has 2 significant specifications:

1- It's a mix of experienced members and power of youth.

   The presence of some new, young, active board members together with the older and more experienced ones has made an ideal group that will result in great achievements.

2-The presence of representatives from various regions and continents in the world at the board (: 2 from Western Europe, 2 from Eastern Europe, one from Syria, 1 from South Africa, 1 from Lebanon, 1 from China and 1 from Iran) shows a good diversity that assists to the CIFEJ  global role.

Thank all of you again. and I hope we can promote the quality of the CIFEJ programmes and projects and our more effective presence in the world of cinema and multimedia of children and young people.

And this can be achieved only by respecting the Statutes and the active presence of the members and intimate relationship between us. 

Naturally, Maryam (the Executive Director) will send you the minutes of the GA and will inform you of the first decisions made at the first new board meeting.

Wishing you to be healthy, happy, and successful.

Mohsen Chiniforoushan


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