Letter of support - Festival Plein la Bobine - sent by the President of CIFEJ

Letter of support - Festival Plein la Bobine - sent by the President of CIFEJ

Dear Sir/Madam

We, at CIFEJ  would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the Plein la Bobine-Sancy film festival is a very important event and should be supported. The fact that this festival has survived for 9 editions proves its worthiness and relevance to its audiences.

The importance of film festivals for young audiences cannot be measured only by the number of films participating or the audience participation.

Film festivals offer young audiences an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the rich diversity of their world. It opens their minds to a different way of seeing and experiencing the world around them.

They learn new cultures, languages and most importantly they learn tolerance and respect for others.

Through the moving image the child audience is transported to a new world where they are able to understand the challenges, see the beauty and discover the world around them without having to physically leave the comfort of their own environment.

Film festivals offer a rare opportunity for young audiences to interact with each other and the subject matter in a safe and secure environment and they learn to share ideas, thoughts and to express themselves with ease.


It would be a real pity if those responsible for the funding of this festival decide not to ensure its survival. It will also take much more perseverance and hard work to try to start up a new festival at a later stage, it is much more cost effective and certainly in the interest of local government and authorities to ensure the survival of this highly successful festival.


We hope that our letter will reach the right people who are truly concerned with the learning and edutainment value for young audiences and will fully support the efforts of those trying to save Plein la Bobine-Sancy film festival!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information on both CIFEJ and our partner Plein la Bobine-Sancy film festival.





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