Breaking News....General Assembly in Warsaw

Breaking News....General Assembly in Warsaw

The Biennial General Assembly of CIFEJ which was to be held in Warsaw from November 11 to 13 was postponed.

Due to some members’ requests to have enough time to send their proposals and in the normal statutory time, and the approval of the majority of the CIFEJ board, the GA which was to be held extraordinarily with a few weeks ago advanced notice will be held from January 20to 22  , 2012.

The host will be the same Association of Polish Filmmakers together with Polish Film Institute and Polish-British Foundation of Films for Young.

During this ordinary General Assembly an extraordinary General Assembly will be also held for the modification of the Statutes.

As mentioned before, those members of CIFEJ who have paid their membership 2011 have the right to vote. Also, they will be offered free registration; as well as 2–day-accommodation and meals for free by host. Free local transport (Warsaw airport-hotel-venues) will be also available.

 To see the preliminary timetable, click here.




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