Greetings from Amsterdam!

Greetings from Amsterdam!

This is the last chance to submit your properties in development for CINE KID TV, Cross Media and Film Markets on the 20th and 21st of October, where producers of new content meet with financiers from around the world for a day of one on one meetings in Amsterdam.

 If your project is selected, Cinekid will fly one producer per show to pitch and also provide a complimentary hotel night and lunch on the day of the market.  On this link at the bottom of the text, you can see the catalogue from last year which provides information about Cinekid financiers from 2010.

 Attached, you'll also find  a PDF for you with general info on Cinekid for Professionals.

 Submission Instructions:

If your project is a straight TV series or film, then please submit for the TV or film market.  If there are clear cross media strategies, like a companion game/merchandise line/online experience, then please submit for cross media.  There should be a minimum of 3 platforms for cross media, like TV or film plus gaming plus virtual world, for example.

 To submit, please follow these steps.  Deadline is 15 September, but ASAP is better!

Visit this link Register for Cinekid Forms Use your new username and password to log in Begin to fill in the TV, Cross Media or Film Market form.  You can save it and come back to it to complete.  Once you have submitted it to Cinekid, however, you will not be able to return and make changes online.

 For any more questions, pls contact:

Allison Cody

Producer Cross Media & TV Markets

Cinekid for Professionals

+31 20 531 7890

@filmzrus on Twitter

Allison Cody on Linkedin

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