CIFEJ INFO received acclamation

CIFEJ INFO received acclamation

CIFEJ INFO received acclamation

 Dr. Robert Roy: “…I have just received your CIFEJ INFO #2 and #3-4 and I thank you very much. I had already read some articles from copies delivered on internet but to see the real magazine in print is a gift at least for me; at my age I am probably addicted to paper...and I enjoyed all those photos of children and the layout of the magazine which is very professional.

I hope you receive contributions from many members from different countries about their experiences with children. For example, the variety of experiences in the Kids for do they vary from one continent to another… Such experiences should be told by those who are in charge of those productions which exist now in many countries around the world.  How was it started, how many children are involved, does it need an important investment, is it important that there is an international contest...

I must stop here and say thank you again for the excellent work and I wish you more contributors so that your excellent publication becomes a useful source of info to your members. You are on the right track and I should add that I remember how hard it was 20 years ago to get the written support of members for our monthly CIFEJ INFO. Keep trying. WISH YOU WELL

(For more complete text, pls. see  CIFEJ INFO No.5 which will be published in the end of Spring)


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