Berlinal Generation programme:

Berlinal Generation programme:

Kplus-feature length films  

A Pas de Loup(On The Sly) by Olivier Ringer, Belgium/France 2011, World premiere

Baad o Meh(Wind & Fog) by Mohammad Ali Talebi, Iran 2011, World premiere

Den kæmpestore bjørn(The Great Bear) by Esben Toft Jacobsen, Denmark 2011, Animation, International premiere

De Sterkste Man van Nederland(The strongest man in Holland) by Mark de Cloe, Netherlands 2010, International premiere

HaDikduk HaPnimi(Intimate Grammar) by Nir Bergman, Israel 2010

Jørgen + Anne = Sant(Totally True Love) by Anne Sewitsky, Norway/Germany 2010, World premiere

Jutro będzie lepiej(Tomorrow will be better) by Dorota Kędzierzawska, Poland/Japan 2010

Keeper`n til Liverpool(The Liverpool Goalie) by Arild Andresen, Norway 2010, International premiere

Knerten gifter seg(Twigson ties the knot) by Martin Lund, Norway 2010, International premiere

Las Malas Intenciones(The Bad Intentions) by Rosario García-Montero, Peru/Germany /Argentina 2011, World premiere

Mabul(The Flood) by Guy Nattiv, Israel/Canada/Germany/France 2010, International premiere

Sampaguita, National Flowerby Francis Xavier E. Pasion, Philippines 2010, documentary

Une vie de chat(A Cat In Paris) by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli, France/Belgium/Netherlands/Switzerland 2010, Animation 

 Kplus– short films 

chalk by Martina Amati, Great Britain 2010

Dimanche(Sunday) by Patrick Doyon, Canada 2011, Animation

Det siste norske trollet (The Last Norwegian Troll) by Pjotr Sapegin, Norway 2010, Animation

Der grosse Bruder (The Big Brother) by Jesús Pérez, Elisabeth Hüttermann, Switzerland/Germany 2011, Animation

Ensolarado(Sunny) by Ricardo Targino, Brazil 2010

Ghesseh-haye yek khati (Simple Things) by Behzad Farahat, Iran 2010, Animation

Jag är rund(I am round) by Mario Adamson, Sweden 2011, Animation

Kuchao(A Gum Boy) by Masaki Okuda, Japan 2010, Animation

Land of the Heroesby Sahim Omar Kalifa, Belgium 2010

Lilyby Kasimir Burgess, Australia 2010

Minnie Loves Juniorby Andy Mullins, Matthew Mullins, Australia 2010

Mokhtarby Halima Ouardiri, Canada 2010

Pigby Tom McKeith, Australia 2011

Prilivi Tuda-Suda(Tides To and Fro) by Ivan Maximov, Russian Federation 2010, Animation, out of competition

Rabenjunge(Ravenboy) by Andrea Deppert, Germany 2011, Animation


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