CBFA WORKSHOPS for African children to produce football stories

CBFA WORKSHOPS for African children to produce football stories

CBFA WORKSHOPS for African children to produce football stories

We are here! This is the slogan of the group of children who participated in the Children and Broadcasting Foundation’s (CBFA) Interactive, Multi‐Media production workshop at Soccer City, which is the venue for the Opening and Closing matches of the FIFA World Cup to be held in South Africa from 11 June‐ 11 July 2010. The children were playing on the FIFA World Cup slogan of ‘I was there’! Saying we ARE here and we want to be part of this very important event. The CBFA hopes that the FIFA World Cup and all other partners are listening! In 2007 when the CBFA hosted the 5th World Summit on Media for Children in Johannesburg, it included ‘Sport as a Peace‐builder’ as a theme to the World Summit in preparation of the 2010 World Cup that South Africa would host. However, now as the World Cup comes to Africa, South African children are concerned that they may not be part of this mega opportunity to celebrate and be part of this major football event. CBFA decided that it would be important to bring together a group of South African children to visit Soccer City and to host a media workshop at this iconic stadium. The CBFA facilitated a two‐day workshop with a group of 11‐13 years old on how to use their mobile‐phones in the production of children’s football content. The short films (between 1‐2 mins) were presented as part of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s (CBA) General Assembly (GA), on Monday, 19 April at 14:15. The aim was to provide broadcasters with a glimpse into the ever expanding citizen media environment and to give South African children an opportunity to be part of the preparations for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Giving African children access to produce football stories will provide them with the opportunity to use the social networking channels to inform their peers and help make them chant ‘I was there!’ Hoping that you all will return to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup, 2010 and shout ‘I was there!’

Firdoze Bulbulia

Chairperson: CBFA/5WSMC (www.5wsmc.com)

President: CIFEJ

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