CIFEJ Life Time Achievement was gifted to Ms. Yu Lan

CIFEJ Life Time Achievement was gifted to Ms. Yu Lan

CIFEJ Life Time Achievement was gifted to Ms. Yu Lan

Ms. Yu Lan, A Famous Film Star for people and for children was born in Liaoning province in 1921. She first appeared on the stage in 1939 and then started her film acting career in 1949. She had many starring roles in Chinese films, and she has been one of the most famous actresses in China throughout 1950s-60s. In 1961, she won the award for Best Actress, at the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival for her performance in the film “ A Revolutionary Family ”. One year later, Chinese Central Government conferred the title of people’s performer of new China on her. Also well-known as 22 Great Film Stars of new China, she played Sister Jiang in the film “Living Forever in Burning Flames” (1965) which is one of the most important figures in the film history of China. Yu devoted herself entirely into children’s film from 1981, which made her widely recognized as the pioneer of China children’s film after 1976 within the industry.

She was appointed the founder of China Children’s Film Studio (CCFS) in 1981.Until 1986; she guided the CCFS in producing 20 children’s films. She was also the founder of China Children’s Film Association (CCFA, 1984) and China International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF, 1989).

She led Chinese children’s film professionals to join CIFEJ in GA 1986-Portugal. Then she was selected as board member at GA 1988-Bulgaria. Under her guidance, CCFA hosted 35th GA in Beijing in 1991, during which she was selected as board member again. After her retirement, she is still concerned with China’s Children’s Film, and contributes greatly to its development. Now, Yu is the Honorary Chairperson of CCFA and Honorary President of CICFF.

CIFEJ proudly gifted her CIFEJ Life Time Achievement Award because of all the efforts she has done for children’s film in China.

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