Cool Kids Don’t Cry-CIFEJ Prize Winner in China

Cool Kids Don’t Cry-CIFEJ Prize Winner in China

Cool Kids Don’t Cry-CIFEJ Prize Winner in China

The CIFEJ Jury members at the 12th China International Children’s Film Festival, Maryam Bafekrpour-CIFEJ Executive Director (Iran), Pouran Derakhshandeh-CIFEJ Member and well-known Iranian filmmaker and producer(Iran), Faith Isiakpere- CIFEJ member and expert filmmaker and producer from Nigeria announced "Cool Kids Don’t Cry", directed by Dennis Bots, as the winner of CIFEJ Prize in this festival.

" It's a story of hope, love, and humanity, told in an entertaining way, raising issues of gender, equality, racial,and religious harmony,unity and friendship. The film has strong characters who are very believable and make the audience cry and laugh, leave a " feeling good" assessment", the CIFEJ Jury said.

"Cool Kids Don’t Cry", the  co-produced film by Netherlands and Belgium recounts the story of an11-year old Akkie who lives her life according to this motto. Akkie loves football and anything to do with love and femininity she considers stupid. Akkie got injured during a fight with her classmate but this injury has completely changed her life.

This film  also gained the  Prize for the Best Film from the International Jury in this festival.

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