Iranian Kids for Kids Festival

Iranian Kids for Kids Festival

Ghassedak- Iranian Kids for Kids Festival- 16-19 Feb 2010-Iran

The Iranian KFKF was organized in Iran with the main aim to familiarize children with the Art of Cinema and to provide them a chance to experiment it.

400 entries including short animations and live action films no longer than 8 minutes, made by children from different parts of Iran, participated in the festival. 160 films were chosen by a selection committee consisting of a group of MA animation students supervised by Ms. Floura Bakhtiarimanesh, their educator, to compete with each other to win altogether 17 Gold, 12 Silver, 7 Bronze prizes and 7 honorary diploma for the best film director, actor/ actress, animator, film script, sound, cinematography, music, and set decorating in 5 age groups and in two different sections: animation and live-action.

Children from Ardebil had made thirty-one 2D Cut-out and 3D clay puppet animations in different Kanoon centers in this state. These films not only were screened during Ghassedak Festival in Tehran, but also, they were screened in Cinema-Kanoon at Ardebil.  Kanoon-Ardebil initiated the animation activities in this state 3 years ago to encourage creative education of children,and also, to create an enjoyable happy environment for them.

Hamadan, Esfahan, Bushehr, Eastern Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, Khorasan, Yazd, and Kurdistan were among other states which sent entries for this competition.

A new established Kanoon center in Esfahan made a puppet animation based on the stories of Rumi, the great Iranian poet.

The selected films, then, were judged by three famous Iranian animators (Vajiollah Fard-e Moghadam, Safar-Ali Asgharzadeh, Sara Khalili), a writer and researcher in the literature for children and young adults (Ali-Reza Hafezi), as well as two young adults named Amin-Reza Mahmoudi and Niayesh Esmaeili, and Kanoon’s senior consultant in Public Affairs, Mohsen Hamoule.

A six day animation workshop was held from Feb 16th to 21st at Kanoon’s Creative Center for Arts-Tehran. It was headed by Miomir Rajcevic, CIFEJ member and filmmaker from Serbia, and Igor Gimbos -his assistant. Sixteen youngsters from Kanoon’s libraries located in 5 Iranian states (Tehran, Kerman, Ardebil, Golestan, and Central State) and Hania Asgari, the young member of CIFEJ, with two of her students, were among the participants in this workshop. In this workshop, Abdollah Alimorad, the eminent Iranian animator and winner of Cannes Junior Grand Prize for his cute animation “Bahador” was also present to guide the trainees.

The programme of the workshop consisted of:  “film is a language,basic elements of the media production, first step in media literacy,introduction of equipment and new ICT,lessons about animated film and the box,first steps in storytelling and film script writing, practical work with the box and animation software,brainstorming and finishing the film script, storyboard, beginning the film production, basic elements of the sound, post production,evaluation of the films.  

This workshop began under the title “Film is a language”, but, the participant children then named it” Flight”, trying to experience flight by animation wings during this workshop. In the end, the films were presented and prizes were given to the best trainees.

In the Closing Ceremony of the workshop, Miomir Rajcevicsaid: “The Children and young adults are the biggest treasure in any country; to spend money for them is, in fact, equal to funding…Kanoon has a major role in future making of children and young adults. The best gift a country can give to children and young adults is knowledge; and all the activities of Kanoon is centered on the creative- intellectual development of this age group. He added “Transferring CIFEJ HQ to Iran is a good chance for the Iranian culture and traditions to be transferred to other countries and Kanoon to give a start to cooperation in several CIFEJ projects; this workshop could be considered as the first step.”

Mohsen Chiniforoushan who was glad of the result of this workshop introduced Miomir as an outstanding artist who has directed more than 500 films. He stated: “Kanoon’s development policy is to produce animation”. He reminded that, in animation production or education, Kanoon must act as one of the biggest and most professional centers in Iran and must develop this activity to all parts of the pays”.

S. Sadegh Rezaei stated: “It’s supposed that a specialized animation council to be organized in Kanoon”.  He added: “The language of art is a language for working and making relationship with children.            All teachers and consultants of Kanoon speak with children using this tool. He, then, emphasized on the serious promotion of Ghassedak (KFK) festival. He appreciated the adolescents who are active in animation making and said that Kanoon will support them seriously. 

Besides this workshop, several free educational stands were also held during Ghassedak Festival for questions and answers on film script writing, film directing, lighting, cinematography, acting, make up, and animation for kids participants and visitors.

Ghassedak festival was brought to a close with various joyful programmes including: the performance of a chore music group, a theater of satire with the theme of filmmaking and kids problems, screening of parts of the selected films, and prize award Ceremony.


Animation Competition Section

Golden Prize:

Golden Prize to Ms. Hediyeh Babareyhani - Director of the film "Shokoofeh Kindergarten"

Golden Prize to Ms. Sara Tahmasbi - Director of the film "The Bald Pigeon Keeper

Golden Prize to Ms. Kiana Abtahi - Director of the film "Giant of Darkness"

Golden Prize to Mr. Sadjad Esmaeilian - Director of the film "The Crazy Professor, the Deaf Fly"

Golden Prize to Mr. Hossein Zolfaghari - Director of the film "The Cruel Shark"

Golden Prize to Mr. Poriya Aghily - Director of the film "I Feel Pity for O3 Layer"

Golden Prize to Ms. Parinaz Riyahi – Director of the film "Intelligent Boy"


Silver Prize:

Silver Prize to Mr. Mehdi Karami - Director of the film "A Day of Pencil"

Silver Prize to Ms. Sara Ahmadi - Director of the film "Me, You, We, and S/ He”

Silver Prize to Ms. Kimiya Ebadi - Director of the film "Pond of Friendship "

Silver Prize to Mr. Omid Shahivand - Director of the film "Toothbrush"    

Silver Prize to Mr. Morteza Zakeri - Director of the film "Stories of Alley"

Silver Prize to Ms. Mahtab Shakibaei - Director of the film "A Lesson for Crow"


Bronze Prize:

Bronze Prize to Ms. Kossar Ghafouri - Director of the film "The Tiny, Stubborn Giraffe"

Bronze Prize to Ms. Fatemeh Moussavi Sotoudeh - Director of the film "Everything should be

done in its place”

Bronze Prize to Ms. Fatemeh Farah - Director of the film "The Cunning Dog"

Bronze Prize to Ms. Jami, Ghazneyni and Paymanfar – the Directors of the film "The last



Honorary Diploma:

Honorary Diploma to Mr. Seyed Amir Hassan Rezvanian - Director of the film "A Sunny Day"

Honorary Diploma to Ms. Sara Ansari - Director of the film "Growing"

Honorary Diploma to Ms. Ensieh Abdolalizadeh - Director of the film "Freshness"

Honorary Diploma to Ms. Haniyeh Dadmehr - Director of the film "A Good Idea"

Honorary Diploma to Ms. Parvin Alizadeh - Director of the film "Not Even One Drop of



Live- action Film Competition Section

Golden Prize:

Golden Prize& Special Prize of the Jury to Mr. Yavar Sanaei-kia- Director of the film "My Dream”

Golden Prize to Ms. Melika Shojaei - Director of the film"On Time & Enough Sleep"

Golden Prize to Mr. Mohammad Mehrabi - Director of the film "My Dream"

Golden Prize to Mr. Heydar Ali Afraz- Director of the film "The Flash Memory"

Golden Prize to Mr. Mani Zakeri – for his acting and cinematography in the film "The Wall"

Golden Prize to Mr. Mehdi Tavanaei – Actor of the film "Meeting"

           Golden Prize to Mr. Khashayar Abbasi – for his paying Attention to Family atmosphere in the Film" A good Candle", also for his good photography of the film "Ye ghol Do Ghol" (an Iranian game)

Golden Prize to Ms. Sara Hessari – for her good acting and directing of the film "A Red Flower for You"

Golden Prize to Mr. Mostafa Vaziri - for the innovative film title design: "Passage of Time", while appreciating Morteza Vaziri for directing and Ali-Reza Malek-Mahmoudi for his acting in this film

Golden Prize to Ms. Kimia Nafisi - Director of the film "Happiness"


Silver Prize:

Silver Prize to Ms. Fatemeh Hassani Baferani - Director of the film "Rigareh Mill"

Silver Prize to Mr. Mehdi Ghassemi - Director of the film "Oh, Cattle!"

Silver Prize to Mr. Houman Zabihi - Director of the film "About the Bench"

Silver Prize to Mr. Majid Sheykh Jafari - Director of the film "A Good Work"

Silver Prize to Ms. Fatemeh Shah - Hosseini - Director of the film "Advice"

Silver Prize to Ms. Ghazal Kianfar - Actor of the film "You laughed at Me"


Bronze Prize

Bronze Prize to Ms. Parisa Arefanian - Director of the film "The Power of Mind"

Bronze Prize to Mr. Ahmad-Reza Dadgostar - Director of the film "Cheating"

Bronze Prize to Ms. Zahra Sarkhani - Director of the film "The Koran Course"


Honorary Diploma

Honorary Diploma to Mr. Erfan Sarmadi - Actor of the film" I Anticipated More, My God! "

Honorary Diploma to Mr. Michael Gholi-Rod - Director of the film "To Waste Water"


Prepared on May 19th, 2010

Maryam Bafekrpour

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