CIFEJ DAYS and CIFEJ Board Meeting in Dubai

CIFEJ DAYS and CIFEJ Board Meeting in Dubai

 CIFEJ DAYS and CIFEJ Board Meeting in Dubai

 CIFEJ DAYS was successfully held in Dubai.

Thousands of young students enjoyed watching recently CIFEJ Winner Films "Harun-Arun", "A Flame in the Wind", "Themba: A Boy Called Hope", "Red like the Sky", "Movement 2012" at the Iranian Club.

Young students from Adab School and other foreign schools in Dubai participated in a 5 day animation workshop conducted by the eminent Iranian Animator “Abdollah Alimorad” from morning to the afternoon.

Abdollah Alimorad has got several distinguished international and national prizes for his animations including Grand Prix of Cannes Junior 2001 for his cute animation “Bahador”.

Other students participated in the “Story and Filmscript Writing" workshop conducted by the well known Iranian writer “Mehdi Shojaei” for 5 days and in the afternoons.

During the event,CIFEJ Board met at the 4 star Hotel Parsian, located at the Iranian Club on January 16th and 17th, 2013.

Ms. Firdoze Bulbulia (President); Mr. Mohsen Chiniforoushan (Secretary General), Ms. Ema Pendiuc (Vice-president), Ms. Maikki Kantola (Member of the board), Mr. Ali Ahmad (Member of the board), and the Executive Director, Ms. Maryam Bafekrpour; the Treasurer, Mr. Mohammad-Reza Hedayati participated the board meeting actively to discuss about the current and coming projects of CIFEJ to make decisions about their executions and future process.

The board welcomed Mr. Hassan Vamegh, Principal of the Adab School and Mr. Farahmand, director of the Arabic Section of Adab School- the main host of the CIFEJ Days in Dubai-as the guests.

Based on the report from the CIFEJ Headquarters, a team is working on programming the CIFEJ Int’l Children’s Club. It is hoped to facilitate access of the youth to the education of animation and active involvement of the young people in creating animations in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

The process of Award Ceremony of the CIFEJ Scriptwriting Contest which has been already announced on the website and through electronic communications was discussed by the board.

Other gatherings coordinated by the CIFEJ Headquarters in China, during China Int’l Children’s Film Festival in the end of Spring, and in Ukraine, during International Children's Television Festival, in the end of Summer, were endorsed by the CIFEJ Board. More interesting details will be announced subsequently.

Membership status, current budget, partnership with other international organizations were among other issues for discussions.

In the end, and on January 19th in the afternoon, a Closing Ceremony was held with the presence of the Iranian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, local authorities, CIFEJ delegates,and the participants in the workshops with their family among others.

Lectures by the Iranian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Mohammad Reza Fayyaz, and the Secretary General of CIFEJ, Mr. Mohsen Chiniforoushan, the Treasurer of CIFEJ and Director General of the Adab School, Mr.Mohammad Reza Hedayati, Mr. Hassan Vamegh, Principal of the Adab School, Mr. Mehdi Shojaei, the Iranian writer, and screening the animation made by participants of the workshop, CIFEJ winner films “Flames in the Wind" from Iran and "Movement 2012" from Ukraine were among programmes of the Closing Ceremony.

 In the end, gifts were presented to Mehdi Shojaei and Abdollah Alimorad, the tutors of the workshops. The student participants at these two workshops received certificates of appreciation for their valuable works during CIFEJ DAYS in Dubai.

The event was hosted by Adab School Complex and the Iranian Club in Dubai from 15th to 19th  January, 2013.

To see the photos of “CIFEJ DAYS in Dubai”, please visit the Gallery on our website []; or click  here.

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