New members

New members

New festivals, organizations, and individuals joined CIFEJ from Asia, America, and Europe.

The CIFEJ Board accepted 10 of new requests for membership from Japan, USA, India, Iran, Pakistan, Ukraine, and Lebanon.

While welcoming these new members to CIFEJ, CIFEJ cordially invites them to actively cooperate to reinforce this strong network of professionals dedicated to the film industry for children and young people by sharing News, ideas, projects, and any issues they think could be of  interest for other members and support our trust.




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  • CIFEJ Animation Website (Animation CKC) has started to work!
  • LUCAS International Festival for Young Filmlovers from September, 18th, to 25th, 2016
  • CIFEJ Days were held in Kurdistan, Iran since 20 till 24 of Feb. There was an animation workshop in which 31 young adults participated in and the workshop was trained by Mr. Mahdi Khoramian.