New Criteria for membership in CIFEJ

New Criteria for membership in CIFEJ

New Criteria for  membership in CIFEJ was forwarded by the CIFEJ HQ to the Board of CIFEJ. Based on the approval by the board at the meeting in Tunisia, the basic qualifications an individual or organization should have so that the membership request could be confirmed by the Board are as follows: 

To be active  and well-known in the domain of Film for children and young people and to be experienced in this domain; To respect the Statutes of CIFEJ as well as the endorsements of the General Assembly and the Board; To respect and support the aims and objectives of CIFEJ; To  pay the required dues annually; To keep the HQ informed of her/his activities on a regular basis; To keep her/his profile on the CIFEJ website updated; To do efforts to develop and to promote CIFEJ and its prestige in both national and international level; To  advise the HQ of any actions or events of an international or national nature which might  be of any interest to CIFEJ; To establish cordial relationship with other CIFEJ members as if all members belong to a single family.

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