President of CIFEJ at the Media Summit hosted by AIBD in Bangkok

President of CIFEJ at the Media Summit hosted by AIBD in Bangkok

Under  the  auspices of the 2012 AIBD Asia Media Summit, the United Nations agencies  hosted a pre-Summit one-day workshop on Monday 28 May 2012 for media  leaders  and  practitioners  from  across the Asia-Pacific region to jointly  examine  some  of  the  key  issues  around Millennium Developmentattainment and the media’s role within this, with the aim of moving towards greater mutual commitment for  enhancing  media  coverage  across  the region towards the MDGs ‘final push’:

What progress has been made in the region and where do we stand?                                                    

 How much are regional  media  covering Millennium Development Goals issues?                                    

What are the blockages for media coverage on  MDG issues?                                                                 

How can the United Nations and the region’s media work closer  together  to  jointly  contribute  to  MDG  attainment  and development  outcomes  beyond 2015?

Firdoze Bulbulia, President of CIFEJ and Chairperson of CBFA, was a key speaker at the event.

She will be also present at the bi-annual meeting of the Prix Jeunesse International Advisory Board held on June 7th 2012 in Munich.

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