Top 10 Cartoons for Children’s Rights

Top 10 Cartoons for Children’s Rights

The top 10 videos

Children have the right to…

Freedom from Discrimination; Philippines (Imagine Asia). Directed by John Rocco  Family; Argentina (Independent). Created by Miguel Repiso Identity; Iran (Independent). Animated by Noureddin Zarrinkelk  Education; India (Toonz Animation). Directed by Bill Dennis Protection in War; India (USL-RM)  Protection from Neglect; Czech Republic (Kratky Film). Animated by Zdenka Deitchova Freedom from Discrimination; Barbados (Independent) Animated by Guy O’Neal Freedom from Child Labour; Italy (RAI Television). Created by Guido Manuli A Protective Environment; Scotland (Red Kite Productions Ltd). Animated by Anwyn Beier.
Music by Rowland Lee.  Self Expression; Chile (CINEANIMADORES). Animated by Alejandro Rojas Tellez 

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