Minutes of the CIFEJ General Assemblies of CIFEJ and the new board’s endorsements

Minutes of the CIFEJ General Assemblies of CIFEJ and the new board’s endorsements

Dear members and friends,

Please find enclosed the minutes of the CIFEJ General Assemblies  and the new board’s endorsements at their first meeting

Herewith, we would like to express our sincere thanks of you members of CIFEJ who made this event a real success with your active participation and kind support.

We would like to thank Dr. Robert Roy, one of the most respectful Honorary members of CIFEJ, for his kind supporting message which was sent to the CIFEJ Secretary General just before the GA: “MOHSEN my friend, I do hope You and Firdoze and Maryam and everyone around you who devote their time and efforts to CIFEJ and young people will have a very important and productive meeting in Warsaw… .” (For the complete text of his letter, please see the main page of General Assembly 2012 on the CIFEJ Website).

We would like to express our thanks, again, of Athina Rikaki, the Ex-President of CIFEJ, for her attendance at the General Assembly in Warsaw and for her kind support.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to inform you that during the time I was preparing the report on the General Assembly and the Board’s meeting, we were also working to actively promote CIFEJ based on the decisions made at the GAs and the Board meeting.

 Thus, I am really excited to announce happy News:

      A new section has been launched, by the CIFEJ HQ, on the CIFEJ website, entitled “Gallery”.

You can find not only the photos of the various events of CIFEJ on the web Gallery, but, also, you can have access to the video reports about  activities of CIFEJ in this section.

The photos have the capability to be categorized and to be entitled, each, to describe what events they are related to. To see the photos in its original size, it’s enough you click on each of them you like; to return to the set of photos in small size, you need click again on the same enlarged photo.

We would like to invite you to visit Gallery to see several photos taken during General Assembly in Warsaw and which have been kindly shared with the CIFEJ HQ by several members present at the GA. More photos are arriving; so, don’t forget to search for them in the coming days.

Also, if you would like to watch the video report of the CIFEJ workshop held in Baku, pls. click here.

Due to the nice collaboration of our new young members, Reem Saleh and Ali Ahmad, with the CIFEJ Headquarters, CIFEJ has joined Facebook and Twitter. We invite you to join CIFEJ on Facebook; to access the page, follow this link.  "CIFEJ DAYS” project is being planned to be held in North Africa with such programmes as Animation workshop for children and young people, meetings, lectures, film screening, etc. Therewill be more news to come soon.  CIFEJ Membership invoices 2012 are being sent to you. In case you didn’t receive yours till next week, please inform us kindly.

In the end, we thank you those who have been in close communication with us after the GA in Warsaw for their encouragement and enquiries.

 The CIFEJ HQ will be soon in contact with those who have not yet received response from us.

 Thank you again for your kind support and attention.

 Looking forward to an even more fruitful cooperation and thus, a more enriched active network.

Kind regards,

Maryam Bafekrpour                                                                 

Executive Director




















































































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