Report from the Secretary General-CIFEJ

Report from the Secretary General-CIFEJ

It’s said that “always a first time is the most different” and for me who was attending in ECFA GA for the first time, it was like that.
The warm and sincere environment of the GA and the relatively active presence of the members in the meeting, a meeting in good shape, were among the outstanding and distinctive characteristics of this assembly. Me, Firdoze, and Maryam had expressed our opinions to Felix in a meeting in Ale Kino. We told him that we, CIFEJ, are interested in a bilateral active constructive relationship with ECFA and we think this relationship is beneficial to both parties. After this meeting, I was invited officially to participate in the General Assembly in Berlin. I took part in the meeting and we had a general description of our future collaborations and we planned to discuss it more in the following meetings with delegates from the boards of both parties.
The most important issue of this meeting more related to CIFEJ was how interested non-European people can establish a relationship with ECFA. In the end, it was approved by the GA that these people can be considered as dependant members; but, of course, based on the Statutes of ECFA, these dependant members cannot be elected as a member of the Board. Anyhow, I would like to thank Felix Vanginderhusen and Tonje Hardersen for this invitation and I hope this to be a good start for wider cooperation between the two parties.
Mohsen Chiniforoushan, CIFEJ Secretary General 

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